A number of state-owned companies (BUMN) will form a BUMN Investment Forum (FIB) to bridge the investment of state firms and fund potentials they can gather amounting to Rp260 trillion, a minister said.

"Initiated by the workers insurance company PT Jamsostek, the forum would be inaugurated on June 14, 2011," BUMN Minister Mustafa Abubakar said.

The minister said BUMNs grouped in the forum were state-owned firms which had liquidity surplus and were ready to make investment.

He said that besides, Jamsostek, a number of other BUMNs in the banking, security, insurance, financing and pension funds sectors were also grouped in the forum.

"These state companies will team up to facilitate firms which need funding," the minister said.

He said that the funds were aimed at funding projects on infrastructure like roads, airports, seaports, communications networks and railways projects.