The ruling Democrat Party plans to rank political party members in the coalition that supports the government based upon their obedience, its deputy secretary general, Saan Mustopa, said.

"Those who have made a lot violations will be ousted (from the coalition)," he said at the parliament building here on Friday.

He said based on the ranking the party that had made a lot of violations would be given a sanction.

The Democrat Party association chairman, Nurhayati Ali Assegaf, who is also a party faction member in the House of Representatives (DPR), meanwhile said she believed President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the party`s chief patron, would take a stance with regard to the lack of solidity among political parties in the coalition during the vote at the DPR on the motion for the implementation of the DPR`s right to inquiry to investigate tax mafia.

Golkar Party and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) who are members of the coalition have clashed with the Democrat Party in the vote meanwhile Gerindra Party had shared the Democrat Party`s stance.

The DPR finally dropped the motion with 166 votes against and 164 in favor.

Nurhayati said she could not tell what Yudhoyono would do towards the political parties in the coalition. What is certain is that Yudhoyono as the chief patron would certainly take an action later, she said.

She said the Democrat Party had taken a valuable lesson from the recent vote.

"It has given really extraordinary political lessons. One of them is that in politics there is no eternal friends or opponents but interests," she said.

Golkar Party`s secretary general Idrus Marham meanwhile said on Friday that Golkar had had no intention to leave the coalition.

He said Golkar remained consistent to support his government until the end of the term in 2014.

Golkar Party`s general chairman Aburizal Bakrie had also stated that Golkar would continue to support President Yudhoyono`s government until the end of the term.

Regarding the Democrat Party`s plan to evaluate membership of political parties in the coalition Idrus said Golkar wished that evaluation would be done on each other by all members to make their membership solid