Indonesian and Chinese special military forces began a joint anti-terrorism exercise here on Monday.

"The first military exercise so far will not only give a strategic effect on the region but internationally," China`s Jinan Military Command chief of staff Lt. Gen. Zhao Zonggi said.

Speaking at the opening of the joint exercise code-named "Sharp Knife 2011" he said the exercise was a concrete step in the strategic partnership that had been agreed by the two countries especially in the field of defense.

"The exercise is the follow up of the agreement between the two heads of state," he said.

He said he hoped the joint exercise, which is the first held by the Indonesian and Chinese militaries especially in anti-terrorism, could become a strategic milestone for the two countries` better and increasing relations and cooperation in the future "especially in dealing with terrorism that has become an international threat."

He said through the exercise the two sides could learn from each other and exchange experiences and knowledge as well as capability in technical as well as tactical terms.

The chief of the army`s special forces, Maj. Gen. Lodewijk Freidrich Paulus, meanwhile said the cooperation between the two countries` special forces had been pioneered since 2006 through consultation forums.

"Cooperation with a number of countries gives benefit to the two sides including with China that has grown fast in all fields including in the field of defense," he said.

Lodewijk said changes in strategic environment at regional as well as global levels had to be closely monitored, anticipated and responded quickly and correctly.

"Therefore through this exercise, swift and correct response could be created for the two countries to deal with developing threats, factual as well as potential," he said.

Lodewijk said through the exercise the two sides could fill each other`s gaps and develop the potentials they have to meet their needs for dealing with any threat.

The exercise will be carried out at the army`s special force Kopassus training center in Batujajar until June 19.

The exercises to be carried out include sniping, reaction 1 to 4 shooting, tire house raid, close-range combat techniques, method of entry, hostage-releasing tactics and techniques, static and free fall parachute jumping and a terrorism case study.

The exercise is aimed at increasing the capability and skills of Kopassus and People`s Liberation Army`s (PLA) personnel in special operations.

It is also aimed at improving the two parties` capability in anticipating terrorist threats.