Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mt Anak Krakatau Explosions Increasing, Tremors Decreasing

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cinangka, Banten, Mount Anak Krakatau`s activity over the weekend was marked by more frequent explosions but fewer tremors, a volcanology official said on Monday.

"Explosions increased from 207 times on Saturday (Nov 20) to 210 times on Sunday (Nov 21," Agung S Pambudi, head of the Cinangka volcanic monitoring post, said.
While the explosions increased in frequency, the number of tremors decreased from 741 on Saturday (Nov 20) to 732 on the next day.

"The volcanic tremors were recorded to have dropped over the past two days according to our observation," he said.

Mount Anak Krakatau`s volcanic activity on Sunday was recorded to experience 732 tremors consisting of seven deep volcanic quakes (VA), 77 shallow volcanic quakes (VB), 210 blowouts, two harmonious tremors, 241 blasts and a far tectonic quake.

Agung said Mount Anak Krakatau`s status had to remain on alert level while the monitoring officials were issuing a recommendation to keep a safe distance of two kilometer radius of the mountain.

The quake activity is currently still fluctuating and unpredictable, it can show a high number in one day but low on the next day, Agung said.

The post recorded 741 times of earthquakes with 226 tremors, 207 eruptions, 229 blowouts, 77 shallow volcanic quakes (VB) and two deep volcanic quakes (VA), on Sunday.


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