Indonesia`s inflation rate in January reached 0.89 percent , Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) head Rusman Heriawan said here Tuesday.

Rusman said the January inflation rate was quite high and surpassed the figure for January 2010 which reached 0.82 percent.

"In general, the early year inflation is high and it is so because it enters the crucial month of food production, rice production in particular," he said here Monday.

Rusman explained the contributory factors to the January inflation were surging food prices which were up 2.21 percent; delis, drinks and cigarettes for 0.49 percent; and clothes for 0.15 percent.

Therefore, he added, year-on-year the inflation in January this year was 7.02 percent and year-on-year core inflation of the month was 4.18 percent.

"The year-on year inflation in January is higher than in December, while the core one is reaching 0.49 percent," Rusman said, here Tuesday.

Meanwhile, there were 62 cities in Indonesia contributing inflation while four cities gave deflation.

The highest inflation was in Padang, West Sumatera, with 3.70 percent and Sibolga, North Sumatera, with 2.66. Otherwise, the lowest was recorded in Manokwari, Papua, with 0.07 percent inflation.

"At the same time as in Sorong, the highest deflation is minus 1.07 percent, and minus 0.83 percent deflation is from Ambon," he said.